Deepak Dua

Deepak Dua; Music; Live performance; Chopsticks

Deepak dua





A music performer, composer, technician and a teacher who is committed to the field of music and has will to understand the depth in task.


Commerce graduate from Delhi, Sangeet Prabhakar in Indian Classical Vocals from prayag sangeet samity, Allahbad and trained in Piano and Guitar in Western Classical Music from Delhi School of Music. His passion towards music and gifted musical mind with deep knowledge of Indian Classical and Western Classical music presents such a blend of both genres which leaves a magical spell on his listeners.


Master of 6 instruments viz. Piano, Guitar, Mouthorgan, Flute, Tabla and Drums, he takes the music performance as thrive to understand what he ought to do what he is entitled of, giving 100% commitment towards the music he plays and the stage he is set for.


Playing covers is an easy task, but understanding the importance of it is the thin line between the original and the covers that’s what he look upon to give the commitment towards.


A perfectionist with a variety of genres of music such as Indian Classics, Ghazals, Indian Pop, Indian Rock, English Classics, Country, Blues, English Pop, Soft Rock and Hard Rock.


Many artists make it their duty to give it their utmost to full and final take. So one must not forget what hard work they have put in to get out classic results.

Keeping his mind on work and having a task to do, he practices through till the final is in place. As one says “Practice makes perfect”.